Medical Compensation Decoded


Practicing medicine has become more complicated due to constantly changing rules and regulations. Many young ophthalmologists are not prepared for what’s ahead because they did not learn about the business side of medicine in their residency training. To empower those new physicians who are committed to learning and understanding their craft, Dr. Charlotte Akor has written Medical Compensation Decoded: A Simple Guide for New Ophthalmologists to Understand Billing, Coding, and Collections

Within the pages of this guide, Dr. Charlotte and five contributing authors share the knowledge they have amassed from a variety of clinical practice settings. Abounding with tried-and-true insights and methods, sometimes learned the hard way, this instructive guide will help every young ophthalmologist successfully navigate insurances, modifiers, telemedicine, money collection, and much more.

Medical Compensation Decoded teaches those starting out in medical practice what seasoned physicians wish someone had taken the time to tell them.