Mind Over Matter


Anxiety. Depression. Bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia. These diagnoses, along with many other mental health conditions, are often attached to a stigma that is difficult to overcome, leading many who struggle with mental illness to avoid seeking treatment and creating a ripple effect that reverberates from the individual to their family, their friends, and even their community. Joined by fourteen contributors, Anthony and Tyreese R. McAllister open up the conversation about mental illness to discuss the challenges of mental illness as well as to reduce the stigma millions deal with every day. Mind Over Matter: Mental Health Stories on Coping with Stigma, Society and Self is an in-depth, personal look into the lives of men and women who have both struggled and thrived in their mental health conditions.

By sharing their stories, these authors will help individuals not only look at their diagnosis in a different way, but inspire them to ask for help so they can find the right treatment. Additionally, by revealing the candid details of their stories, the authors hope to inform people that “treatment works” and to encourage family members and friends to support their loved ones during mental health crises.

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