Parents, Send Your Child to College for FREE, 3rd edition


Since when did families putting themselves into suffocating debt when trying to put their children through college become the rule rather than the exception? A long time ago, actually. In fact, drowning in hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt accrual for what seems like a lifetime is barely questioned these days. If you want your kids to pursue post-secondary education, managing (or mismanaging) crippling negative balances is a cruel but accepted fact of life and simply goes with the academic territory.

Until now. In Parents, Send Your Child to College for FREE(R): Successful Strategies that Earn Scholarships, 3rd Edition, bestselling author Tameka L. Williamson sheds new light on a process that every parent wishes were easier. She reveals groundbreaking strategies to minimize and even eliminate debt when it comes to funding your child’s future, reexamines the funding model that has proven faulty time and time again, and provides solutions for a financial burden that has plagued the nation’s parents for far too long.