The College R.E.B.O.O.T.


Every year, millions of post-secondary hopefuls vie for enrollment at the nation’s top academic institutions, with hopes of standing out in a saturated crowd of equally talented candidates. But as those would-be students and their parents know all too well, gaining admittance is a small part of the battle: the bigger hurdle can often be how to pay for it. In an era where families are willing to put themselves into suffocating debt for the sake of higher education, paying for college is increasingly prohibitive.

In The College R.E.B.O.O.T.: 6 Timeless Principles for Reducing Student Loan Debt, Tameka L. Williamson shatters previous ways of approaching the post-secondary funding process and proves that where there’s a clear will, there’s an even clearer way. Seasoned with inspiring examples of Williamson’s clients and their riveting success stories, and blended with the author’s unique brand of telling it how it is, this inspiring how-to guide is a must read for everyone attempting to “kill the college game and win.”