Purpose Will Prevail Workbook


Before purpose can be born or released, there is a process. Purpose Will Prevail walks you through that process by giving you a set of principles that will help you acknowledge your authority and loosen the grips of fear and addiction so that you are freed to activate and walk in your divine purpose. Get ready to radically change your life by embracing the authentic you and propelling yourself into greater by breaking the cycles of addiction and flourishing in your spiritual gifts.

Using the three foundational steps of prayer, fasting and Bible study, Jasma Starks teaches you how to gain a more intimate relationship with God and exceed your goals. Upon completion of this workbook, you will have a Purpose Resume to serve as a reminder of who you are, whose you are, and all that you are destined to have by simply implementing what's already inside of you. Find a place of solitude, grab an accountability partner, turn on your praise and worship, and prepare to live out the destiny God has planned for your life.