The Paycheck to Purpose Workbook


Many of us go to work every day only to count down the minutes until we get to leave and do the things we actually enjoy in life. But wouldn’t it be great if our job was one of them? If you are ready to find the career you’re passionate about—the one that gives you the highest sense of fulfillment—ThePaycheck to Purpose Workbook is the compass you need to guide you on the journey to pursuing your ideal profession.

In this all-inclusive workbook, Lashana N. Williams acts as your success navigator to open your mind to the world of success coaching, where you will explore your passions, purpose, prosperity, and profession. Through the provided exercises, resources, and tips, you will uncover your true calling and find clarity on how to take your career or business to the next level.

Only you have the power to change the path on which your life or career is going, so make it happen!