Real World Medicine


You have chosen an honorable profession, one in which you constantly make critical, life-and-death decisions. After enduring undergraduate school, medical school, internships, and residencies, you have worked tirelessly for almost a decade to get where you are now—a practicing physician. But even though you have gone through rigorous schooling and post-graduate training programs, you have received little guidance in the nonclinical aspects of medical practice.

Real World Medicine is an honest glance into the many issues physicians are blindsided by every day: hospital politics, workplace relationships, employee contracts, and more. Gleaning from her ten-year career as a critical care physician, Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman gives upfront advice and personal examples to provide important insight into the harsh realities of practicing. With this book, you will become knowledgeable of the many situations that could damage your career as a physician and how to avoid them so you can ensure your success in medicine.