Sponsorship for Influencers


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Roberto C. Candelaria teaches you how to get that new goal or dream funded without worrying how the development bills will be paid.   There is greatness within you, and it’s time sponsors helped the world see that greatness!  –Les Brown

In his anticipated second book, Sponsorship for Influencers, sponsorship strategist Roberto C. Candelaria walks influencers through the journey to securing and maintaining a sponsor for their work and passions. These chapters define the basics of reaching sponsorship success: what a sponsorship is and can do, the role of the influencer and the sponsor in the business relationship, the necessary terminology and definitions to get started, and of course, the five key steps to landing a meaningful relationship with the right people for the right price.

In addition to step-by-step guidelines, priceless tips, and success stories from sponsored influencers who have followed Candelaria’s advice, readers will get the opportunity to engage with their sponsorship experience through answering Sponsorship Success Prompts at the end of every section. Define your passion, charge your worth, and reach millions who are waiting for you—all through sponsorship!