Sharing My Mess


To be intimate with someone is to be personally interested, emotionally invested, in sync, and having a sense of inseparability. We often associate intimacy with romantic relationships, but rarely do we do so with the relationship that matters most-the one with our Heavenly Father.

This 90-day devotional helps you build your personal relationship with God by maturing your prayer life, elevating your thought patterns, developing your faith, and transforming your mess into a life-changing testimony. Drawing from inspirational bible passages and her own heartfelt experiences, Shani E. McLlwain offers insightful instruction on what spiritual intimacy with God is and how to go about achieving it. Through Jesus Christ, we can do all things, and as we build our lives around Him, we break open tremendous opportunities to become all that He has created us to be.

If you’re ready to transform your life in Christ, beginning with the foundation, then Sharing My Mess is your all-in-one space to study, pray, meditate, journal, and grow.