From What Tribe Were You Birthed?


There is power, purpose and meaning in a name and knowing who you are as God sees you. Uncovering the truth about your origins requires more than research and facts based on your family tree. You must dig deeper and go to the source of where it all began. This requires being willing to challenge everything the world has taught you to believe.

Who are you?

Years of negative mental conditioning outside of God’s will leads you to gravitate towards the familiarity of what binds you, rendering you ignorant of your God-given purpose. You also run the risk of being deceived by those who desire to keep you from learning who you should be.

From What Tribe Were You Birthed guides us in relearning God’s truth. In it, Ann Gwen Mack helps us to understand the significance of Aaron’s breastplate. By identifying the original gemstones, she reveals the root of our beginning and history of our existence through our connection to the Twelve Tribes of Israel.