Wild Banshees


The school is a site for academia, opportunity, discourse, and discipline, a place where students and educators alike achieve growth and progress in all areas of their lives. But how can such an environment be fostered when education is forced to compete with rooted bad behavior, violence, poor school standards and management, excessive class sizes, and technology that distracts and detracts? What do teachers face when leading this generation’s toughest students?

In this honest and shocking account, veteran inner city educator Kimberly Hill gives readers a reality check about teaching in inner-city schools, faults and failures of the current education system, the modern-day student, and the “crack” that is technology and social media. Going to school is not what it used to be—Hill is here to take us behind the scenes, through the classrooms and hallways, and into the perspective of the mind that is one of the most important yet most neglected: The teacher.