A Pop Culture Lesson for Authors


Mastering the art of producing a definite outcome can be challenging in a saturated market of highly ambitious competitors. In July 2013, Jay Z did the unthinkable, and completely changed the way partnerships are developed and executed with music and technology. The hip-hop rapper and mega-entrepreneur keenly strategized a way to make his new album platinum before it reached public distribution. Who does that? A game-changer!

He created his own game by making a deal with Samsung to cross-promote his album with their equally identified target audience. Samsung agreed to purchase 1 million units of his new album and offered it to their Galaxy III and IV customers as a free download on the 4th of July. This cross-promotion strategy gave the album instant platinum status, Jay-Z received a $5 million check, and in exchange Samsung saved millions of dollars in advertising while increasing revenue due to the demand of customers wanting to hear Jay-Z’s latest music. In business, this kind of partnership is referred to as “synergy”, and authors can use a similar strategy for successful book launches. Partnering with the right brand can even open a door for media/press opportunities.

Lesson takeaway for authors:

Do the unthinkable and develop a book launch partnership with a well known brand the unthinkable and develop a book launch partnership with a well known brand to achieve your immediate goals. Here’s 3 simple things to do to get your started:

  1. Identify 3-5 brands that share the same message as your book.
  2. Make a list of 5 ways your book will benefit the potential partnership.
  3. Create a contact list for all of the decision makers you’ll need to reach out to.


Use LinkedIn to find over 100+ businesses/brands. Go to the “Advanced Search” bar, type in the (industry, job title, or topic) to find your prospects. Add them to your contact list and make the connection.

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