Book Marketing -vs- Publicity

Nothing irks me more than to see a press release that focuses more on marketing the book, rather than pitching a newsworthy angle about the book.

The operative word here is “newsworthy”, but somehow this gets lost and the focus shifts from “selling the book -to- pitching the book.” Is there a difference? Of course there is, and both concepts require two distinct skill sets to accomplish the ultimate goal of gaining media attention. Many authors (both new and established) don’t fully understand the difference between Marketing and PR, so they get stuck with a press release written with good intent, but bad results.

As it relates to your book, Marketing is weighing the value of the product, whereas PR is weighting the value of importance. In the simplest terms, Marketing is announcing that “it’s here” and PR is announcing “why it’s important to know that it’s here.” This is where the differences are overlooked, let’s examine this for a minute:

1. Selling your book gives you multiple times to turn your attempt into a transaction. Overtime, you can build the relationship and potentially get the opportunity to pitch for the big win.

2. Pitching your book to the media, is one attempt and a one time shot to land the big win. It’s simple, fast, quick, in a hurry, and simply a yes or a no.

Both approaches require strategic planning and preparation, but a lot of concentration should be put into what angle you will pitch in the one press release. To make it effective, be sure to include (who, what, when, where, why) along with these five key elements:

• Worthy of news
• Compelling
• Thrilling
• Persuasive
• Beneficial

Have any of your press releases landed you media attention? Share your story with us.

2 thoughts on “Book Marketing -vs- Publicity

  1. Kemya Scott says:

    You said it! In my opinion, unless you are already a celebrity, a press release that tells the world you just released a book means next to nothing. As you said, pitching a newsworthy angle is what gets people interested in the book AND the author.

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