After Having Coffee with God


When was the last time you prayed? Where were you and what did you say? Most importantly, what’s been holding you back from offering up your thanks and needs to the Lord?

In After Having Coffee with God: Preparing for Your Answered Prayers, Yolanda Pounds guides readers through not only the process of approachable and personal prayer, but also the more difficult undertaking of staying patient, faithful, and prepared for when God answers those prayers. Pounds describes prayer as a conversation, a long and loving one with your Father over coffee and crumpets. But like in any productive dialogue, prayer requires both honest speaking and strong listening—these chapters offer advice on both and more, keeping the conversation going by discussing what to expect after prayer and how to prepare to walk in your answered prayers.

Through Pounds’s personal experience and prayers, this empowering book will support novices and seasoned prayer warriors alike!