What Do I Do With My Pain?


Pain numbs my spirit and deadens my soul. Pain alters my way of thinking as it not only steals my joy, my hopes and my dreams, but it causes me to buy into the fear of me never letting go of the hurt. Pain renders my soul useless into thinking and believing there is no cure in an attempt to enslave my mind. The longer it festers, the deeper the pain wounds my heart to the point of it being forever broken—if I let it.

He orders my steps and takes away the pain. He heals my heart and mends the pieces, thus making it whole. It is peace He leaves me and peace He gives me—peace I gladly receive and accept.

Pain, I denounce your stronghold over me. Pain, I rebuke your attempt to destroy me. Pain, I will not allow you to continue to steal my joy. Pain, I have faith and hope in my Father, the creator of us all.