Belly, Birth, Baby & Beyond


Belly, Birth, Baby & Beyond is your A-to-Z guide to steer you in the right direction before, during, and after your pregnancy, answering your questions about common pregnancy issues and helping you to understand the stages of pregnancy.

Dr. Danielle Holmes, board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and recent mom, offers practical advice for managing everything from anxiety, breastfeeding, sex, and incontinence to depression, heartburn, and exercising. Whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester, you will be able to navigate through all the information out there-much of which is not accurate or simply false altogether-about being pregnant. The information offered in this guide is useful for first-time mothers as well as those who may have experienced pregnancy and the wonder of giving birth more than once. Not only will expectant mothers be well-prepared and informed for their journey but so will their partners!