Secrets of an Old-School Mama


Having a baby at any age can be challenging, but having a baby after age thirty-five may bring another set of concerns. Some people think that if you are thirty-five and over, parenting may be more of a wish than a reality. The advice Dr. Jeanine Hogg gives in this book, Secrets of an Old School Mama, encourages women in that age group that parenting is possible whether birthing a baby from your own womb or receiving the gift of a child through adoption.

In Secrets of an Old-School Mama, you will find practical advice about the many facets of raising a child at or above what medical practitioners call “advanced maternal age.” You will find guidance from a long-practicing pediatrician that will help you challenge the “norms” of the “traditional family” to establish your own style of parenting for rearing a healthy child into adulthood with confidence and joy.