The 7 Practices of Exceptional Parents


In her debut work, The 7 Practices of Exceptional Parents, adored and respected Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Eboni Smith Hollier, aka Dr. Eboni, offers her insight and much-needed reassurance to all parents out there who strive to give their children the best support, love, and understanding they can. These chapters answer some of the most common topics that are brought up in the pediatrician’s office: Is my child on the right track? What can I do to make potty training easier? Why won’t my kid eat what I give him? How do I de-stress as a parent?

With her expertise and experience, Dr. Eboni provides practical answers that ensure that your response to your child’s behavior always translates into acceptance, patience, and most of all, confidence for the both of you. Take the initiative today to become the exceptional parent you know you can be!