Conquering the Chaos


We’re all leading busy lives, and it can be extremely stressful to balance all of our responsibilities. A little bit of stress is actually a good thing. Without it, we would have no motivation to do all that we have to do. Unfortunately, far too many of us get caught up in the stress that it ends up consuming us. This degree of stress is harmful not only for our mental and emotional health, but also our physical health.

In Conquering the Chaos: The Super Wonder Woman’s 12-Step Strategy for a Stress FREELIFE, Dr. Michelle Clay goes through each of the body’s systems and illustrates the negative impact that extreme stress can have on them. She then provides us with solutions and affirmations catered to each of these systems to help us combat the stress. After reading this book, you will feel empowered with the knowledge and skills to cope with whatever stressors come your way and live the vibrant, healthy, and purposeful life you were meant to live.