Conversations with the Little Girl Within


Painful experiences from childhood often shape the way we grow and develop as adults. Many children are not provided with the necessary tools and outlets for dealing with negative circumstances at home, which causes unhealthy coping methods to form and wounds from these past traumas to stay unhealed.

While growing up with a mother who was emotionally and physically abusive, Shirley Williams did everything in her power to remain open to her world of opportunity, but she couldn’t seem to escape the burden from the belief that her mother didn’t love her. Once an adult, she learned that she could slowly chip away at the hurt that had built up, and she decided to face her wounded inner child to finally set her free.

At the same time touching and informative, Conversations with the Little Girl Within is one woman’s inspirational example of how you can overcome your suffering from your adverse childhood experiences, move forward with a renewed understanding of the relationships that affected you growing up, and rewrite the script for your adulthood.