God’s Saving Grace


Grace’s home is broken. Her parents’ divorce has thrown her into a spiral of despair and confusion, and no matter how often or fast she runs, Grace cannot seem to escape the pain or the evil inflicted upon her by others.

God’s Saving Grace is the story of one girl’s undying strength as she fights her way through life—through instability, abuse, and, most of all, disappointment in those she thought she could count on. As she hurdles from one trial to the next, Grace clings to God’s unchanging hand, and shows an unshakeable faith that will inspire you to never give up or succumb to the dark influences in your life.

Interwoven into Grace’s story, reflections from author Kim Samuels provide biblical advice and insight into how circumstances in your childhood can affect your actions and thought patterns for the rest of your life; but if you hold fast to your faith, God will pave your way.