Preaching Under the Influence


uthor Brandon Holt has written a masterpiece that provides a glimpse into a story of recovery and victory. Through truth and transparency, he provides the reader with a real-life testimony that God is able to reach us in our darkest places and raise us to purpose and destiny.

––Dr. Orpheus J. Heyward, Minister, Renaissance Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA

Preaching Under the Influence is tremendously authentic and revealing; unveiling the real truth behind substance addictions, where even a prominent man of God can no longer camouflage his secret with his good looks, charisma, and preaching prowess. This book is definitely an icebreaker!

––Judge Hazel B. Jones, 174th Criminal District Court, Houston, TX (Harris County)

Preaching Under the Influence profoundly and candidly describes the emotional quicksand of opioid use disorders. Author Brandon Holt accurately depicts the initial emotional euphoria and subsequent behavioral, spiritual and emotional destruction associated with commonly prescribed narcotics. This book is a MUST READ!

––Dr. Ronald A. Stewart, McCart Medical Center, Fort Worth, TX