Food Essentials for the Busy Professional


Food Essentials for the Busy Professional helps you embrace the joy of preparing and eating foods that are nourishing, sustaining, and delicious without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Dr. Lauren W. Powell, a board-certified family physician, uses her background in medicine and culinary art to help you improve your relationship with food. This book supports that relationship with easy-to-follow recipes, meal prepping schedules, practical travel tips, app suggestions, and stories that we can all relate to.

By minimizing medical jargon and presenting health topics and issues in a clear and accessible way, Dr. Powell empowers readers to make positive and practical health decisions in order to break generational cycles of chronic illness and enjoy a lifetime of wellness. “We are not trying to live our best life for just 30 days but for our entire future,” and this book meets you where you are to help you achieve that sustainable healthy lifestyle.