Doc, Fix My Plate!


Dr. Monique May, the Physician In The Kitchen(R), returns with this invaluable guide and cookbook for those who want to embark on a vegan or plant-based diet. In Doc, Fix My Plate! The Physician In The Kitchen(R)’s Prescriptions for Your Healthy Meal Makeover, Dr. Monique teaches you the steps you need to “veganize” your cooking, from how to stock a plant-based pantry to creating satisfying meals that fill all your nutritional needs.

You will learn food hacks like tried-and-true dairy and meat replacements and have access to delicious recipes for meatless burgers, vegan-friendly pasta dishes, dairy- and gluten-free cakes, and more. Along the way, Dr. Monique reveals the must-have kitchen utensils and techniques that make vegan cooking a breeze.

Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or wondering how to go about a vegan diet with other nutritional considerations, you will find a recipe or hack in this cookbook that makes eating vegan tastier and easier than ever.