Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight!


Are you losing hope that you will ever shed the unwanted weight that has held you back for so long? If so, Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin’s book, Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight is for you.

In this provocative and insightful book, you will discover what lies beyond the scale on “the other side of weight loss.” Dr. Jada offers holistic advice that will help you identify your triggers for overeating, get rid of limiting beliefs, and survive self-sabotage while stressing the importance of macronutrients, meal prepping, and healthy metabolism. Not overlooking the spiritual aspect, Dr. Jada details how passions and spiritual gifts can enhance your efforts to drop the pounds and the baggage that goes with it, once and for all.

Dr. Jada delightfully lightens this sometimes heavy topic with real stories, useful tips, and relatable examples that will leave you touched, moved, and inspired.