Fruitful in Affliction


Affliction is a desolate place that can leave us feeling discouraged and abandoned. Throughout the history of time, many have known it well––Job, Joseph, even Jesus. If we are honest with ourselves, we too have experienced its crushing weight.

In Fruitful in Affliction, Jetaune Randall-Slaughter shares personal accounts, biblical references, and hard-earned wisdom that will inspire you to stop crying and whining when problems arise. Instead, you will be motivated and equipped to triumph over your circumstances through praying, praising, and declaring the Word of God.

From this book, you will learn strategies for overcoming tests and trials, such as rejection, bareness, unforgiveness, and divorce, arming you with the tools necessary to confront your afflictions and win. Jetaune reminds you that although this season seems hopeless, God has not abandoned you. Continue in faith and you will see that your battles have come to make you, not break you.