The Images of Me


As women, we constantly face scrutiny and judgment from others and, most especially, ourselves. While all of our journeys and experiences are unique, we can all relate to feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem, and the habit of looking for love in the wrong places.

The Images of Me is a glimpse into the life and mind of author Tamara McKnight, who, after experiencing pain and anger for most of her life, has finally come to a place of healing. With an honest and pure voice, McKnight shares stories of an absent father, sexual abuse, and failed relationships to show how she was finally able to release the bonds of negativity to find peace and forgiveness within herself. Through lessons and words of encouragement, she emphasizes that the only way we can truly move forward from our pain is to let go of imperfections and insecurities and learn to love ourselves. We are queens who are worthy of happiness.