God Had Other Plans


Having just given birth to her third child under the stress of unemployment and past due bills, Tameka Hope strongly believed that life couldn’t get any worse. She was soon proved otherwise when an EF-4 tornado touched down and demolished her Tuscaloosa neighborhood in less than ten minutes, leaving nothing but the foundation of her home. The death of more than 50 people served as a reminder that her alcohol abuse, physical disability, clinical depression and thoughts of suicide were only temporary roadblocks to her path of victory. Because there was still breath in her body, there was still hope of turning her story around. God Had Other Plans is a personal testament of tragedy and triumph before, during and after the life altering events of April 27th, 2011. An emotional and empowering memoir, it proves that you can chase your dreams, achieve your goals, and be all that your heart desires in spite of life’s unexpected circumstances.