Micro-Farming for Busy People


This is the ebook to show busy people the what and why of microfarming. What is microfarming? Why microfarming could be for you? Those answers and more are inside. Join this husband and wife team! They will share their knowledge in simple and practical ways that will help you now. Are you ready to learn about that microfarm life?

Dr. Rae is an acute care pediatrician, Amazon bestselling author and microfarming evangelist. She is a proponent of healthy living and being. As well, she is a huge fan of her husband’s microfarming expertise and skill, for rightful reason.

Ben has been a farmer his entire life. His expertise is extensive. The best part is his phenomenal teaching style which is thorough and effective. He is excited to be able to share this viable way of life that has had many positive benefits for health and wellness.