Chews to Be Healthy


Chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and autoimmune disease affect Americans at previously unheard-of rates. Healthy lifestyle choices introduced into families in sustainable ways by the major caretaker, often the mother, may prevent and even reverse many diseases. Chews to Be Healthy: The Working Mom’s Interactive Guide for Disease and Weight Control provides tips and insights to help you develop balance in crucial areas in your life which improve the health of your entire family.

Dr. LaFarra Young, a triple board-certified medical doctor and health coach, struggled with an autoimmune disease for years. She provides methods instrumental in her healing and the healing of others. This book is also a self-assessment guide to help establish your ultimate best health.

Chews to Be Healthy will teach you how to satisfy the hunger (both physical and emotional) that leads to stress and inflammation which contributes to chronic disease.