I Kissed Clinical Medicine Goodbye


Physicians often follow the formula “high school + college + medical school = MD (internship + residency)” on their straight and narrow path to becoming a doctor. That is why, for many, leaving clinical medicine for a nonclinical career is not only foreign, but illogical, thereby explaining why resources available to those seeking to make such a transition have been limited. Until now.

In I Kissed Clinical Medicine Goodbye: A Guide for Physicians Who Want to Pivot to a Non-Clinical Career, board-certified family physician, speaker, and sought-after career transition coach Terralon Cannon Knight, MD helps physicians make the pivotal career changes that will allow them to create more freedom, flexibility, and financial independence.

This handbook will lead you on a purpose-filled journey as you examine the whys and hows of making a career change, a growth vs. fixed mindset, and more while chartering a new path that aligns with your core values.