Locums Life Lessons


Burnout among physicians is at an all-time high. Long hours, extended time away from family, decreasing reimbursements, and lack of professional support have many physicians looking at career alternatives. In Locums Life Lessons Words of Wisdom from a Lifelong Locums Doc, Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman reveals how working as a locums physician is a viable option to traditional physician employment.

Locums Life Lessons is a collection of essays that highlights the decades-long experiences of a vet in the locums field. By combining both the art and the science of doing locums, this informative, tell-all guide provides concrete strategies for working as a locums doctor as well as encouragement for dealing with the emotional issues associated with this position. With topics ranging from myths and misconceptions to ways to elevate your locums game, this vital book will help you not only survive but thrive in the world of locums.