SPARKPLUG: The Roadmap to Confidently Ignite and Navigate Your Career Without Compromising Your Dreams by Dr. Nasrien E. Ibrahim is a memoir interwoven with personal and career development tips for those balancing high-stress careers and their personal dreams. As an internationally recognized cardiologist and researcher, Dr. Nasrien developed the roadmap to guide others to live a life of purpose-fulfilling their personal needs while serving their communities.

Readers will join the author on her journey to discovering the importance of managing emotional, physical, communal, career, and financial wellness. Come learn how to confidently navigate your career without compromising your life dreams. Understand and accept that part of wellness is loving yourself deeply and a full life is one lived with purpose. And then, alongside Dr. Nasrien, figure out how to find and nurture that purpose. SPARKPLUG is a soul-enlightening journey and a map to reigniting the dreams the little child inside each of us imagined.