Loves Holiday


From the outside looking in, Ashanti and Jamie Harris have the ideal marriage. Ashanti, a sexy beauty with brains, owns a successful real estate agency. Her charming husband, Jamie, is an award-winning restaurateur who comes from money but built his restaurant empire from the ground up. Their love story has been twenty years in the making and their decade-long marriage is the envy of many. But, along with their wealth and status come secrets, back-stabbing, and even the lure of infidelity. When their vows are tested, will Jamie and Ashanti be able to navigate through hardships, or will their once-perfect marriage succumb to the pitfalls and crumble?

In Loves Holiday, Monica Wright has penned an exhilarating urban romance that explores the beautiful yet complex nuances of marriage. You’ll want to find a quiet place to curl up and dive into this tale of drama, intrigue, and love.