Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships


Yolanda Cumbess learned the destructive nature of toxic, abusive relationships by watching both her mother and father endure their share. Growing up, she began repeating the cycle, experiencing her own string of unhealthy relationships. After a series of poor choices, a destructive marriage, and nearly losing her life due to a tragic miscarriage, Yolanda finally decided to search for examples of healthy relationships and how to obtain them for herself.

Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships is the culmination of the author’s research, which included the development of a deeper relationship with God. In this book, Yolanda outlines the steps that readers must take to define, identify, and ultimately overcome abusive relationships. Through guided self-reflection and the pursuit of a deeper relationship with God, Yolanda shows readers how to gain the ability to understand their relationships and how to find the courage to live healthier, more positive, and more productive lives.