Secrets of Sassy, Savvy Seniors


Are you a senior eager to learn more about the aging process? Have you been yearning for better insight on how to advocate for yourself? Are you ready to unlock the treasured keys for growing older with grace and poise?

In Secrets of Sassy, Savvy Seniors: Aging Like Royalty RoadmapDr. Nakeisha invites you to get cozy and catch a glimpse of the secrets of aging directly from the remarkable seniors who share them. From selecting a physician to leaving an honorable legacy, join Dr. Nakeisha as she lovingly and objectively provides a roadmap of the aging process. Follow in her footsteps as she teaches and learns from the unforgettable patients who have been entrusted to her care. Discover how to navigate the hospital system and age with dignity! Secrets of Sassy, Savvy Seniors is a guidebook for anyone who longs to lead a rich and independent life.