Make Your Move


The doctor’s work is one of honor, integrity, and knowledge. It is one of benevolence and the desire to help others so that they may live in wellness and in health. But the doctor’s work is also one of sacrifice. In the process of seeing patients, running a successful practice, and taking emergency calls all day and night, one may find many things left on the side: family, self-care, peace of mind, and happiness. Perhaps you are one such physician who has reached the breaking point: Do you leave your passion for clinical practice behind or do you give up your life for those of others?

In Make Your Move: A Physician’s Guide to Clinical and Non-Clinical Alternatives to Medical Practice, renowned orthopedic surgeon Emily Woolcock shows us that the choice does not have to be one or the other. By learning and pursuing one or more of the supplementary career options available to physicians, you can not only reduce your workload, but also increase your income and expand your area of experience. Capitalize on your passions and pursue your purpose by using your medical mastery to the fullest!