Nursing Bootcamp


Many of us are blessed with the realization of what fills our lives with passion and the desire to move past mediocrity and take risks to live the life we’ve prayed for. But the acknowledgment of our dream is only the first step.

If you have accepted the calling of becoming a nurse, congratulations! And get ready to WORK, because it’s time for Nursing Bootcamp. From this uplifting and lighthearted book, learn everything you need to know to excel in nursing school and afterwards. Sierra Thomas gives you the basic skills of the trade—and everything in between—that she picked up during her three years in nursing school. From her tips, tricks, schedules, and outlines, you will be able to form a strategy and a plan for passing nursing school and your exams.

The calling placed upon you for this profession is truly a remarkable one, so if you are lucky enough to have this calling placed on your life, it’s time to take action to be the best RN, LPN, or CNA you can be!