Modern-Day Strategies for Community Engagement


Government agencies, corporations, and organizations have often experienced difficulty when trying to connect with the people who are most impacted by their projects. It is necessary to leave the office, get from behind the computer, and interact with people face-to-face. There is an art and process to engaging with your community-a group of people with shared commonality. This book serves as a primer for how the public and private sectors can interact with their customers and constituents in an authentic, equitable, and intentional manner.

In Modern-Day Strategies for Community Engagement: How to Effectively Build Bridges Between People and the Bottom Line, MaKara Rumley takes the reader through the process of effective community engagement. She sets the stage for why community engagement remains an invaluable tool when it comes to managing headline risk, maintaining project timelines, and ensuring good will. With Modern-Day Strategies for Community Engagement as a guide, the reader will engender confidence in their ability to implement measurable strategies and communicate using plain language that will resonate with their prioritized audience.