No More Secrets


Child molestation is a problem too many families face, yet many of us are still unsure of how to deal with the issue and prevent the first or future encounter(s). Unfortunately, we are not able to be with our children at every moment, and in many circumstances, identifying a potential predator can be impossible. Discussing serious issues with our children can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it is important to make sure they—and we as parents—are prepared by having open communication about molestation and its impact.

As a survivor and parent of survivors, Mishondy Wright-Brown shows an honest and empathetic perspective while sharing the knowledge she gained from her experience to help others avoid the same mistakes. No More Secrets is a guide on how to effectively approach this topic with your children and how to react if they have encountered molestation.

Along with giving helpful warning signs that point to child grooming or a possible occurrence, this guide provides examples of age appropriate conversations you can have with your children. The time to talk is now.