The Diary of a Godchild


Bridgett Banks is no stranger to adversity: From a young age, she has endured events that left her feeling abandoned, rejected, lonely, and lost in the world of man. But her story is not one of pain and loss–it is a testament to her trust in God, and how she endured and prevailed over the plots of the enemy to destroy the purpose for her life. In The Diary of a Godchild, Bridgett opens the locket to let us into her life, beginning from childhood and continuing onto adulthood. In these pages, we see the events that shaped not only her person, but also her spiritual character, which, with both good and bad events, grew stronger and bolder in faith.

While following Bridgett’s memoir, readers will also encounter key scriptures that guide her walk in Christ, alongside her exposition of the teachings and principles behind the Word of God. Furthermore, readers may explore their own lives and spiritual positioning through the interactive “Reflection of Thoughts” section at the end of each chapter. Perhaps you too are no stranger to adversity–however, like Bridgett, you may soon find that, in faith, you have always been loved and purposed by God.