Reclaim Your Life


Are you concerned about your marriage?

Reclaim Your Life is an invitation to create the life you desire. The author harmonizes lessons gleaned from coaching women for almost two decades, proven marriage success strategies, and a call to action. If you are ready to stop complaining and start transforming your life and marriage, read this book.

Reclaim Your Life: Guidance for Wives at the Crossroads is for women who are serious about transforming their relationships. Using real-life illustrations, Aya Fubara Eneli teaches you:

  • How to reclaim your dreams for your life whether you remain married or not.
  • The 30-Day Challenge that transformed her marriage.
  • The #1 reason marriages fail and how to overcome it.
  • A proven roadmap to move you from frustration to peace.
  • How to re-ignite the passion in your marriage.
  • How to thrive in abundance of purpose, joy, and love.