SavvyGirl Success


If you are looking for sound advice to help your teenage daughter navigate adolescence and become a successful adult, SavvyGirl Success: Planting the Seeds to Evolve into a Successful Whole Woman is the book for you. Dr. Eli Gasinu offers suggestions and guidance for coaching your daughter through the changing developmental landscape that comes along with the inevitable dynamics of advancing from one stage of growth to the next. You will be provided with effective tools for assisting your daughter with combating feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, and the belief that something is fundamentally wrong with who she is.

Parents will discover methods for modeling desired behaviors and recognizing the power you hold as the key influencer in your daughter’s life. You will learn how to support your teenage daughter with the information she needs for managing healthy risk-taking, decision-making, and charting a course for her future. SavvyGirl Success is the resource you need to guide your daughter into purpose, self-acceptance, and ultimately fulfilling her wildest dreams.