The Manners Playbook


The media stereotypes Black boys as dangerous and lacking discipline and etiquette. But in fact, they are descendants of Kings and Queens and should feel proud of where they came from and where they’re going. However, navigating from one world to another-like boyhood to manhood-can be disorienting and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable, though. James B. Wingo’s The Manners Playbook: Essential Lessons for Young African-American Boys on Self-Awareness, Confidence and Etiquette is full of guidance on approaching new situations, caring for the body, and being confident in one’s self while practicing good etiquette in new situations and relationships. Worried about a first date? Wondering how to handle a fight with friends? Want to impress someone? Wingo has tips for all and more in his guide to living up to the person you are meant to be.