This faith-based book, WiseTeenz, written by expert OBGYN Dr. Suleika Michel, will enlighten, empower and educate teen girls with information about their temples. In this day and age of open access to the Internet and social media, the detailed, age-appropriate, and accurate information on these pages will provide answers to many questions teen girls may have about their bodies.

WiseTeenz provides information that encourages girls to not only make informed choices about self-care and maintenance but also to realize that mind, body, spirit, and soul are interconnected. This awareness allows teen girls to become healthy young women capable of handling medical issues in the most holistic way. The topics covered are intended to enlighten the reading audience about the proper functioning of body parts and systems as well as some of the ramifications of inappropriate care.

If you are looking for a resource to get a conversation started about pertinent female issues, WiseTeenzshould be your first choice.