Shattered But Not Broken


Throughout the ever-changing journey of life, some days are calm, like gentle waves on the water. Inevitably, a storm will interrupt our journey and challenge our mental, emotional, and physical health. Life happens, but the human mind is powerful, the body is resilient, and faith will carry you through.

In Shattered But Not Broken: A Doctor’s Transformational Journey from Illness to ResilienceDr. Kina Peppers shares how she survived challenging times in her life, from conquering debilitating illnesses to becoming a physician in the military and running marathons. Her experiences will inspire women of all ages to live healthier, longer, and more active lives.

A compilation of encouraging stories and pragmatic advice, Shattered But Not Broken offers the reader detailed information on mindset, nutrition, and exercise leading to weight loss. This book is a guide to effectively setting goals, overcoming obstacles, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and becoming a truly phenomenal woman.