Pressed into My Purpose


Lorraine Chatmon have always known and felt that she was destined for more than the path that was expected of her. Once a beautiful, bright-eyed star student, she soon discovered that her mind worked a little differently than those around her. Her dyslexia led to her falling behind in her coursework, losing self-esteem and self-confidence, and being teased to the point that she became a second grade dropout. A still, gentle voice, which she later recognized as God, encouraged her to go back to school, eventually leave her small hometown in Virginia for Washington D.C., deliver her firstborn in spite of being a single, teenage mother, and commit to continuing her education until she’d earned the title of Dr. Lorraine Chatmon. Her emotional struggle turned success proves that life does not happen to you; it happens for you. Every setback is actually a setup and every pain is a preparation. By sharing her own vulnerable experiences and guiding readers through thought-provoking prompts, Dr. Chatmon dares you to emerge from the shadows and shine like the diamond that God created you to be.