The Healthy Whole Rx


What comes to mind when you think of health? Perhaps you think of not being sick or of being in good physical shape. These ideas make up a very narrow definition of health. Health is not just the absence of disease; it’s the presence of overall well-being.

Too often, people are living fragmented lives, giving a disproportionate amount of attention to one area of their lives, frequently to the neglect of others. In The Healthy Whole Rx, Dr. Sabine Elisee illustrates that true well-being cannot be achieved from such fragmentation–instead, it is comprised of physical health, spiritual health, and cognitive health. These three prongs of well-being are all interdependent, and it is only through giving equal attention to each of these types of health that we can find wholeness in our lives.

The Healthy Whole Rx prescribes different regimens for each of these types of health and includes reflection questions to hold yourself accountable. If you’re tired of living a fragmented life and are ready for change, this book is just what you need.