So You’re Having a Baby, Now What?


Planning for a new baby is fun and exciting, but navigating through this uncharted territory can often become overwhelming for new parents without the right guidance.

So You’re Having a Baby, Now What? provides a complete overview of what parents need to know nowin one easy resource. In this guide, you will get answers to the most commonly asked questions, guidance on tackling everyday newborn problems, and useful tips on avoiding the most common mistakes parents make. This guide covers key topics such as keeping your newborn safe, nutrition, optimizing sleep, reducing infections, development, baby sign language, bonding secrets, complementary medicine, self-care for parents, and more. Remember, no parent has all the answers, but you are not alone! There are people and resources at your fingertips to help. Pick up So You’re Having a Baby, Now What? as a first step to success on this exciting journey ahead!