The Apostolic Hybrid


There are many who walk in confusion about the calling that God has given them. Am I an apostle or am I just a prophet? Should I focus on becoming a pastor or should I be an evangelist? Is it my job to teach or is it my job to preach? If you are among the many who ask these questions of themselves when they seek the doorway of ministry, The Apostolic Hybrid was written for you.

What you will discover through Apostle Sherman D. Farmer’s profound insight is that the five-fold giftings stand independently, but they can also blend together at times. The revelation of the hybridity produced under the anointing of apostleship helps to bring order and sobriety of one’s gifting and other areas of five-fold giftedness. All you will need are these keys to the doors that open to more understanding. From here, you can walk more into your God-given destiny.